Getting Ready For Summer?

It’s around this time of year that people start panicking about their ‘summer body’ – but are we putting too much pressure on ourselves?

The fact is, working out excessively and going on some sort of crash diet may provide a ‘positive’ result in the short term, but you will probably end up here again next year.

So, instead, why not try this?

Be proud of yourself, right now, as you are.

But, if you feel you could do with a little bit of shaping up, then you should look at what changes you can make to your daily life to live a bit healthier.

Sure, you may need to work out a bit right now to tone yourself up, but it is equally important that you get yourself a healthy diet and exercise regime going forward.

So, don’t worry if your winter fat has become spring rolls – love yourself first and then look after yourself next!

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