Get Over It! Kendall Jenner ‘Klaims’ Jealousy Of Younger Sis., Kylie & You’ll Never Believe Why

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Rich people problems, right?  Kendall Jenner was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, partially thanks to her former Olympian dad, Bruce (Now Caitlyn) Jenner and her older sister’s adult tape which really catapulted the family to riches and stardom.


She travels the globe, has endorsement deals such as Estee Lauder, she has the looks, money and now even has a rapper bae in tow, rapper A$AP Rocky (Like the rest of her sisters, except Kourtney), but the reality star-turned model admits, as she covers the prestigious Vogue magazine that she was jealous of her surgically enhanced ‘pouty’ lipped little sister, Kylie:

“I remember crying in my bedroom about the fact that Kylie had so many friends and I didn’t,” Kendall Jenner, 20, reveals in the September issue of Vogue. To cope with her loneliness, the 20-year-old says she used to go horseback riding or simply lock herself away in her room.

Of course, these days, she has tons of friends, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still revert back to her loner qualities. “Every day, I have to find a way to escape. I have to go borrow someone else’s car,” she tells the mag. “Sometimes it takes me an hour to get rid of these guys who have been following me all day. And the second I feel it getting the better of me, I have to go chill myself out — go take a bath or something to, like, disconnect from it. It keeps you real and sane and humble.” Source

Watch as Kendall gets a big surprise from the fam. in celebration of her Vogue cover:

Girl, get over it and please do not mention this to anyone else again. You are living the American dream, what is there to be so lonely about?


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