George Clooney’s Wife, Amal Wants ISIS Leaders Tried For War Crimes


Amal Clooney, the lawyer and activist wife of Hollywood star George Clooney wants ISIS held to account for war crimes. Reports say that she will join with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to collect evidence of the “abhorrent crimes” committed in the name of ISIS with the hope of exposing extremist arguments in the law courts.

Amal explained:

“They are brainwashing people and I think one of the way to take action against that is to expose their brutality and corruption and partly you can do that through trial.”

When asked why ISIS couldn’t instead just be ‘bombed out of existence,’ Amal explained:

“That in itself can be used as propaganda for further recruitment. ISIS can just be reborn under a different name if you don’t actually change the narrative and change people’s minds.”

We agree with Amal, it is as much about changing perceptions as it is taking military action against ISIS.




Photo Credit: Mondanite

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