Genuinely Refreshing! D.C. Cab Driver Ranks Football Legend, John Elway As His All-Time Fav (Doesn’t Know Hall Of Famer Is Sitting In The Back Seat!)

***Warning, some language used may not be suitable for everyone (but this is what happens when it’s off script!).

This cab driver gets ‘Mr. Cool’ of the year! He has warmed our hearts and made our day. The cabbie, Sam Snow, had no idea he was transporting his favorite football quarterback of all-time, John Elway. Hall of Famer and Denver Bronco’s GM, Elway was in Washington D.C. for Donald Trump’s Inauguration, alongside his wife, Paige.

The hilarious interaction was uploaded by one of Elway’s friends, Glenn Stearns (an entrepreneur and philanthropist. How genuinely great is this video?!

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