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With Friends Like These… Angela Simmons Reveals Her Friends Have Stolen From Her!

Angela Simmons, the daughter of Run DMC’s Reverend Run, has revealed that she was forced to re-evaluate her relationship with some of her friends after they stole things from her. Angela’s so-called friends made off with valuable items including diamonds and a Rolex, as she revealed…

“I have had stuff stolen from me but I just don’t know who did it. I have had people around me . . . and I cannot say they did or did not do it. I had a whole lot of diamonds stolen from me. I had a whole bag stolen — it was a Rolex and a chain in there. It was in my purse that I had with me. I was at the gym working out. That is the type of stuff that makes you question the people around you. I do not think anyone would do something like that to me but you just never know.”

In fact, Angela isn’t the only member of the family with untrustworthy, light-fingered friends as her sister Vanessa revealed:

“I have had a bunch of stuff stolen from me and I have actually heard before that people have said, ‘Oh, she has a lot of stuff she won’t notice or realize that it is gone.’ I had my Louis Vuitton bag stolen at a beauty pageant once.”

Damn ladies, sounds like you need to check your circle – oh, and watch your stuff!




Photo Credit: BET

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