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Former Homeless 12-Year-Old Activist, Olivia Vibbert Starts Project To Help Keep The Feet Warm Of Less Fortunate Children & Youth During Winter Months…


We, at, get many press releases, story ideas, and pitches sent to us throughout the course of a week, but could not resist running such an amazing story from such an inspiring 12-year-old, entrepreneur and community activist, Olivia Vibbert, a 7th grader from Strasburg, Virginia. Vibbert created a campaign entitled ‘Cold Feet Warm Hearts.’ A project which came about with the help of her family, after the loss of her baby sister in 2012.


‘Cold Feet Warm Hearts’ is about giving back to homeless children in their community. One of the least donated, yet most needed item, given to the homeless are socks. The movement collects toddler, children and teenager socks (although adult socks are distributed and are welcomed, too). All socks will be donated before the first snowfall, in hopes that they will be disbursed among the youth to keep their feet warm this winter season. Vibbert expresses that; “having new socks, not only is important in keeping us warm but having new socks of our own also makes us feel good inside. I love the feel of new, clean socks. They make me feel like I can take on the world, and it is my hope that all of the children receiving them will feel the very same way.”

“My great-grandma always used to tell us, that if you had cold feet, it meant that you had a warm heart. I really believe this is true. My family and I were homeless for seven weeks in 2015. We met so many kind and wonderful people, that it was a really valuable learning experience for all of us. One thing I learned from other people who were also homeless is that the majority of people who were out in the freezing cold, and on the streets every day had some of the kindest, warmest hearts of any people we have ever known,” stated Vibbert.

Cold Feet back - outlined

Miss Vibbert is a member of the FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America), where she has been chosen to do the STAR Event, Focus on the Children. As an individual, she will use her family and consumer science skills to plan and conduct a child development project that has a positive impact on children and the community. What began as a school project for Vibbert, has now become one of her passions.  

Alongside her family and in addition to ‘Cold Feet Warm Hearts,’ Vibbert does kind, random and important things to make a difference in the life of others. Some of the things they have done consist of collecting infant, preemie, and stillborn crocheted hats to donate to hospitals around the country. They have also donated goody bags full of toiletries, gift cards and snacks to the homeless. The Vibbert family believe in doing random acts of kindness for strangers in their community. Inclusive in this is a fundraiser that allowed them to purchase and donate a gravestone to a family in need, who lost a child. It is in doing these things that the Vibberts have stated has made them more loving, compassionate and sincere. 

Please join this caring young activist and her family in helping them reach their goal of collecting 10,000 pairs of socks and cold weather gear for the homeless. Respectively, you can donate to the ‘Cold Feet Warm Hearts’ project at:

All money raised from GoFundMe will help them to purchase cold weather gear for the homeless while also helping them become a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Olivia Vibbert’s Amazon Wish List:

For more information on the ‘Cold Feet Warm Hearts’ project and Olivia Vibbert, visit

Photo credit: Vibbert Family

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