Food For Thought: Should ‘O.G. Rappers’ Stop Criticizing The Younger Generation?

T.I. has spoken up to say that older rappers should quit criticizing the younger generation.

His statement followed a social media message by 21 Savage, who posted:

37-year-old Atlanta rapper, T.I. showed his support for the post, saying that Savage was speaking “real truth.”

T.I. wrote:

“@21savage lil bro speaking real truth tho. The fact of the matter is… There’s been good,bad, great,mediocre artists, & otherwise in EVERY generation …. Even ours(2000s) , The Founding era (80s) & the golden era of the 90s. They’re not the only generation to make ‘user music’ either. Can anyone remember a Lil album called ‘The Chronic?’ Or hit Recs like ‘Sippin on some Sizzurp’…. Regardless of the subject matter…This is THEY TIME.”

He went on:

“Couldn’t nobody tell us how to run ours, or make us sound how they thought we should… Live ya life & do ya stuff young’n. Just bear with us, & try to understand …. y’all n*ggaz kinda different & take some getting used to. As the elders gotta understand their SUCCESS JUSTIFIES the CHANGE. The Numbers DONT LIE!!! Can’t hate on that.”

We’re not sure we buy all of this argument – like the idea that the ignorance of promoting drug selling is a pass for the ignorance of promoting drug using. However, we agree that each generation had bad as well as good artists.

But, that said, back in the day, A&Rs and record labels were able to act as ‘gate-keepers’ to quality – in short, if you were wack, you weren’t getting signed / heard. However, with the Internet putting the power back into the hands of the artists, the way is open for more bad music to get heard than ever before.

Oh yeah, we also thought hip-hop was supposed to be competitive?

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