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Five Adorable Rare White Lion Cubs Born at Czech Zoo

The Dvorec zoo in the Czech Republic welcomed some special new arrivals back in May when five rare white lion cubs were born. There are only 13 of these endangered big cats living in the wild, with a further 300 or so living in captivity, so to see the arrival of quintuplets is big news indeed!

Sources say that zoo staff didn’t expect the arrivals but have been working hard to provide them with around-the-clock care. The four girls and one boy are also being watched by their parents, 7-year-old Tia and 6-year-old Agi.

In the wild, the genetically rare lions are native to the Kruger and Timbavati regions of South Africa, and reports say that the new cubs have been named Asmara (Justice), Dabe (Health), Dunia (Life) and Congit (Beauty), with the boy cub being named Mesfin (King).

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Photo Credit: AP

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