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First-Ever Picture Of A Black Hole Released

Scientists have released the first-ever image of a black hole.

The huge black hole is 40 billion km across (three million times the size of the Earth) and 500 million trillion km away from our planet.

That makes it larger than our entire solar system and scientists have described it as:

“An absolute monster, the heavyweight champion of black holes in the Universe.”

In case you didn’t know:

  • A black hole is a region of space from which nothing, not even light, can escape
  • Despite the name, they are not empty but instead consist of a huge amount of matter packed densely into a small area, giving it an immense gravitational pull
  • There is a region of space beyond the black hole called the event horizon. This is a “point of no return”, beyond which it is impossible to escape the gravitational effects of the black hole

Anyhow, the black hole picture has been getting some mentions on social media (as you might expect):

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