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Find Out How We Came To Live With Cats

While you may love your cat (or cats), have you ever wondered how humans came to accept these feline friends into our everyday lives?

How did domestic cats come to capture our hearts to become the most successful type of cat on the planet?


It seems strange that there was ever a time when cats were not a part of our lives. It’s been less than 10,000 years since cats swaggered into our lives, which is hardly an eye blink in the grand sweep of life on this planet.

So, why were cats so late to join our team? The simple answer is they didn’t need us to survive. Cats were surviving just fine on their own. Then, people invented agriculture. Agriculture resulted in large scale storage of grains, which attracted mice and rats. A problem for humans, but a tasty meal for cats.

The result was that cats set up house close to human settlements and, eventually, cats being cats, moved right on in.

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