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Feeling Unmotivated? 5 Tips To Bring Your Spark Back

Do you wake up every morning looking forward to the day as if it is a new adventure, a new chance to push forward and make your dreams come true? Or, are you finding it tough to stay motivated, maintain your focus and creativity and be inspired to chase your goals?

It is all too easy to let the daily grind get to you and, well, ‘grind’ you down. It may be a loss of momentum or a feeling that things just aren’t progressing as you would like them to. While a little slowing down here and there is perfectly normal, losing your drive and enthusiasm won’t help you get ahead, and it can also start to make you feel bad about yourself.

However, the more bad feelings or pressure that builds, the less creative or motivated you are likely to feel. Times can get hard, but it is the ability to push through and stay motivated that will decide how you get through them.

If you find that your motivation is waning try these 5 tips to help bring the spark back:

1. Remember Your Dreams

Plugging away and seemingly getting nowhere is very dispiriting – whether that is on the dating scene or in your career. It is easy to lose your focus if it feels that your goal is still a long way off. Maybe you find that you are spending your time just going through the motions of life, without really enjoying it. If this is the case it is time to get back to your core. Think about your dreams and look again at how you can make them happen.

If you are looking for love, perhaps it is time you started loving yourself a bit more too? If you want to get ahead in your work, maybe it is time to reassess where you are and what you are doing? If you feel unfulfilled it is all-too-easy to get into a rut. Remember that you are wonderful, look to your dreams and try to do some more of what you enjoy each day.


2. Time For A Challenge!

If you no longer feel challenged it is easy to start to get bored, resentful, and restless. These are no good for helping your motivation and creativity. Learning new things, using your skills, and realizing your potential are all important in life. Think about what you could do to challenge yourself – maybe it is time to look for a new job, find a hobby, or learn something new?


3. Check Your Expectations

While it is good to pursue your dreams, you might need to take a moment to check your expectations. While every racing driver had to learn to drive, you probably shouldn’t expect to be winning races the same day you pass your test. Knowing where you are will allow you to plan your next steps and stop you feeling like you are failing. Rather than feeling disappointed and then fearing more failure, checking your expectations means you can start to rack up wins and see yourself progress towards your goal.


4. Look After Yourself

Feeling burnt out and demotivated can be a sign that you have been doing too much. If you are the sort of person who is constantly running around helping others and getting very little in return, then maybe it is time to take a moment for yourself. Being nice to yourself might mean going to the spa, having a long soak in the bath, or even just speaking kindly to yourself. Be your own best friend and you may just start to find your creativity and motivation returning.


5. Stop Comparing

This is your life and your path, so stop comparing yourself to others. It is fine to look for a mentor or gain inspiration from someone who inspires you, but don’t get caught in the trap of trying to match other people. Everyone knows that social media, for example, is full of people posting a ‘perfect’ portrait of their lives. Don’t believe the hype, and rather than looking at what you don’t have (yet), feel grateful for the things you do have. Be proud of your achievements and who you are. Take strength from how far you have come already. You’ve got this!

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