Fast & Effective Weight-Loss With The Bodyweight Burn Program

One of the things that can mess up your weight loss and workout efforts is the lack of time. And if that always happens to you, you probably want a weight loss plan that doesn’t need a lot of time to complete. The bodyweight burn program may be the perfect solution, with some people losing 21 pounds for a 21 minute of training per day. Adam Steer and Ryan Murdoch, the creators of this program are also two of the most popular weight loss trainers in the industry. If you haven’t heard of them, they are the creators of the bodyweight exercise revolution and the bodyweight blueprint for fat loss. But the difference is that this program allows users to do this in the comfort of their own home.

The bodyweight burn program, popularly known as the BW3 workouts uses three different kinds of workout styles, the cardioflow, afterburner and metabolic muscle. While these three workout routines are 21 minutes long, it doesn’t require users to use any kind of equipment, except for the exercise band because it focuses on using the body as the weights. Additionally, this program also uses a workout schedule wherein users will learn about the two phases for each of the six weeks that pairs with a diet plan specific to the workout day.

But what makes the bodyweight burn program even more amazing is it has a specially designed diet called the carb-synch diet, which strategically coordinates with the specific workout day. The basis of this diet comes from the idea that using a strategic rotation of carb intake and combining it with a certain calorie burning exercises, users can successfully lose weight. This system also explains in detail about the five types of diet days included in the program. These are the low carb, moderate carb, good carb, back load and 24-hour fast, and the best part of this diet is users do not need to worry about going off course since they can eat any food 10% of the time or two of the meals in a week. Just keep in mind that you still need to control yourself from overeating.

One factor that makes the bodyweight burn program different from other weight loss program in the market is that it doesn’t require users to take supplements. While there are some supplements recommended to gain faster results, users do not need to take them. These supplements are BCAA during metabolic muscle workouts and fast days, carnitine, omega 3, an everyday multivitamin and protein powder. The authors suggest drinking BCAA, omega 3 fatty acids and protein powder in order to gain quick results.

Even though the bodyweight burn program only uses a short amount of time to exercise, it is actually harder than it looks. The strategic meal plan and interval training style is quite effective in losing weight. So if you do not really want to gain muscle mass, but want body-weight training that doesn’t require a lot of time, this workout program is what you exactly need. Just keep in mind that you need to have the discipline to follow this program consistently in order to achieve the weight you want.

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