What is LIT?

Okay, so we won’t assume that everyone knows what ‘LIT’ means, and while it can mean many things, in this case, it means awesome and turned all the way up!

What is LitViral?

LitViral.com is a breath of fresh air portal that shares some of the most ‘lit’ viral content (Whether original or curated from well-known sources) on the Internet as it is happening. It also is a community that allows others to share their creativity through stories, open lists, and embeddable content.  Simply put, it is a place for everyone to be informed, inspired and creative, within an environment of like-minded people.

I would like to subscribe to get LitViral’s newsletter, where can I do this?

To get the best viral and lit content, look no further than here…just enter your email address below, and you will be added to our list (Do not worry, we absolutely will not spam!).

Will everything submitted, be featured on LitViral.com?

Unfortunately, not everything that is submitted to us will be featured.  Also, some submissions may not make the homepage but will make specific categories.

There are a few reasons why we may not accept a post (Or a submission did not get posted):

  1. It requires too much editing
  2. It may not fit into the scope of what is needed for that timeframe
  3. There was no proper attribution given
  4. It is content that has already been shared in the community or is all over the Internet already
  5. We may have simply overlooked it (Not on purpose!), but we are human, and it happens (Sorry!)

Also, please keep in mind that it will be on a first come, first serve basis.  So, while you may think that you submitted something first, someone may have beat you to the punch.  Please do not take it personally.


Can publicists (Including those pitching for products and interviews), brands, musicians, organizations submit pitches here?

No, this would not be the appropriate place to submit a pitch.  LitViral is a place for the community to share their creativity, ideas and cool things they find online.  To find out more about our acceptance of pitches, please see our pitch guideline requirements. If you are a brand or organization, please look into our advertising form.


I ended up at LitViral.com by logging onto one of your other property sites – why is that?

We have combined all of our popular umbrella sites together in one place by forwarding the site addresses to LitViral.com to bring to you a greater, more viral and robust experience.  All email inquiries are still acknowledged via their respective past emails, though you should update the contact information for a faster response to whatever email address you are directed to on LitViral.com.


I took offense to something shared on LitViral. What should I do?

Please let us know via our contact form, and we will investigate it.  Please do not troll that person, as it will only make things worse.


Something is not covered here, where should I go?

Head over to our contact submission form.  Please allow up to 24 hours for a response (We answer in the order in which messages are received).


Want to know more about us? Check out this page.

(Original: July 24, 2016| Updated: September 5, 2018)