Explosive Rumor: Is Rob Kardashian’s Girl, Blac Chyna Secretly Carrying Someone Else’s Baby?


Reports are circulating that Rob Kardashian’s girl, Blac Chyna may be hiding a secret – and that the baby she is carrying is not his! In fact, sources say that Blac is actually pregnant by her friend, singer and actor, Pilot Jones.


Pilot Jones’ rep has denied the gossip, saying that the couple are just “good friends,” but Blac Chyna was a little more aggressive in her reply when quizzed about the rumor.

When asked to comment on the story, she threatened both violence and legal action, texting back:

“Don’t text my mother****in with no f***ing liars b***h [sic],” adding, “I will smack the sh*t outta you !!!!!”

She called the story “lies,” before typing:

“Don’t text my phone again psycho b***h. Are u f****g retarded? Don’t text my phone again !!!!!! Or I will call my lawyer!!!!’


However, it seems there is no smoke without at least a little bit of fire, as Pilot posted a video of Blac Chyna following a night of clubbing together, calling her his “ buddy!” while adding that she is, “The ultimate chick that knows how to ,” declaring her, “the only chick who knows how to shake that right when that drops and one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out!”


Of course, this by itself proves nothing, but there is talk that there are pictures showing Pilot and Blac kissing and caressing one-another. If true, that may be a real cause for concern for Rob, but until we see any real evidence we’re going to take this one with a large pinch of salt…




Photo Credit: Hollywood Gossip / Getty / Celebritea

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