Election 2016 – A View From Across The Pond


As America heads out to vote for the next President the rest of the world looks on with a mixture of anticipation, interest, and a healthy dose of concern. For those outside the USA, it’s a bit like being held captive with your hands tied as someone plays Russian Roulette with you – you know that the consequences could be pretty bad, but there isn’t much you can do about it!


Can’t We Just Keep Barack Obama?

There is no denying the fact that Obama is a pretty cool guy and he seems to be widely liked by people outside of the US too. He likes hip-hop (and ‘proper’ hip-hop at that) and seems to have his head screwed on right when it a lot of important issues – even if he found his hands were tied while in office. Oh, and let’s not forget Michelle Obama, probably the most popular and down-to-earth First Lady of all time. We get the idea that she keeps Barack grounded, offers him support where he needs it, and has done loads of great things to help inner city kids and others with her platform as FLOTUS. I mean, really, the only other First Ladies I remember were Hillary Clinton (more on her later) and Nancy Reagan (‘Just Say No’ seems more apt than ever when I think about her and ‘Ronnie Ray-Gun’). Sadly, Obama has to step down – which brings us to the Presidential candidates…


‘Crooked Hillary’

If I hear Hillary Clinton called ‘crooked Hillary’ again I swear I’ll scream. If ever a tag was overused, this is it! Despite the fact that the FBI has exonerated Hillary time and again it seems that this Trump-tag has stuck (at least in the minds of some people). The problem with Hillary is that she seems a little, well, cold.

A career politician, Hillary is such a pro that she barely seemed to bat an eyelid when her hubby was caught with his pants down in the White House (maybe she was busy sizing up the Oval office at the time?). Even wearing a wardrobe straight out of the Death Row Records era hasn’t helped her to shrug off the notion that there is something not right about her. Maybe she needed a rallying call (‘Yes, We Can’)? Maybe she needed to show a bit more personality to appeal? Whatever the reasons, Hillary hasn’t taken advantage of her position as a professional politician as much as she could – but this all brings me to the other name in the frame – Donald Trump.



The first thing to note about Donald Trump is the fact that, in the UK at least, his last name is a slang term for a fart. We’re sure he wouldn’t like that, but then we have to wonder where he gets off having an opinion on anything much? Let’s take it from the top and look at his famous hair – I mean I’m not sure it isn’t actually some sort of alien being that is controlling him. That would make some sense given the many errors he has made in his campaign.


(Captain Kirk has trouble with Trump’s hair)

Alienating women, minorities, the poor, and pretty much anyone else who isn’t a wealthy white male seems to be a bad move if you’re wanting to win an election, but somehow Trump has kept things rolling right up to polling day. Can you really trust the opinion of a man who thinks he looks good with such a ridiculous hairstyle? If it wasn’t so terrifying it would actually be funny that Donald Trump could be President of the United States.


Money, Money, Money

As with every US election ever, it is money that does a lot fo the talking, with the wealthiest campaign winning out time after time. This would probably sound like good news for billionaire Trump who likes to make a great deal of how much money he has (and therefore how great and successful he is). It doesn’t help that sections of American society seem to get someone’s bank balance confused with class and style, but it’s not like he started from the bottom (like Drake), having inherited millions from his father!



Of course, the election is being fought on a whole host of issues, but given the media attention given to things like the Black Lives Matter Movement and the frequency with which US college students seem to go ham and start shooting the place up, gun control is seen as a big issue for those outside the US. Hillary is all for more control while Trump seems intent on towing the line that says having more guns means more security. However, it seems like a simple enough equation – you can’t shoot people if you don’t have ready access to guns. I understand that the right to bear arms was part of the constitution and is something that old white guys like Clint Eastwood hold dear, but we doubt that they were thinking of modern military grade firearms when penning that bit back in the day! The only time I think I would need an assault rifle would be if I found myself dropped off in the middle of a warzone – not for just nipping out to get some milk or pick up the kids from school!


The Choice Is Yours

Ultimately, the choice lies with you and who you think would be best to lead America going forward. Trump and his supporters like to point out the fact that he is not a politician as if that is a good thing, but we saw how ignoring experts worked in the UK with ‘Brexit’ which, despite not having actually happened, has devastated the economy there in what seems to be harking back to the days of the British Empire.

Hillary Clinton may be one of the least desirable candidates ever, but it seems that she is lucky in facing an even worse one in the thin-skinned Donald Trump. I’m not sure he has the temperament to lead his own businesses, let alone the United States. I mean, have you ever seen a man so unwilling to admit to his mistakes or who is so quick to take the bait when goaded? That’s without taking his views on women, Mexicans, and pretty much anyone else who isn’t from his white-washed world into account. Can you imagine how badly things could go when it comes to discussing international affairs?

When it comes down to it, the rest of the world is watching with the same sort of ‘I can’t look but I have to’ that people get when driving past a traffic accident. The only difference is that this seems like an accident waiting to happen!


(The views in this post may not be those of LitViral – but then again they might be!)


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