Easter Bunny Brawl Goes Viral As Man In Costume Defends Woman

Meet Antoine McDonald – that’s him dressed up as the Easter Bunny.

A video of Antoine has gone viral after he stepped in to help a black woman who was involved in a fight with a white man.

McDonald was chilling with his girlfriend over the weekend when he saw the white man spit on a black woman outside the Underground Public House bar in downtown Orlando. As Antoine revealed:

“I just ran over there. Like, I didn’t have time to ask anyone to unzip me from the suit, none of that. I didn’t even check for cars. I just ran across the street.”

Antoine says he was originally just hoping to break up the fight, but when the aggressive man got on top of the woman, Antoine decided it was time to escalate his assistance and started throwing blows!

While some media reports are bringing up Antoine’s criminal past, we’re looking past all that and giving him respect for stepping up to help when many others just stood around watching…

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