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Drake Drops Thousands Of Dollars In Generosity Spree

To all those celebrities out there boasting and flaunting their wealth, perhaps it is time to take a leaf out of Drake’s book.

The rapper has given away thousands of dollars in a spree of generosity across Miami.

Drake made a $50K donation to a women’s shelter that helps vulnerable women and children earlier this week, but that is not all!

The rapper also donated $25,000 to a Miami school and gave a girl another $50,000 to go towards her tuition!

But he wasn’t done yet, as Drake popped into the Sabor Tropical supermarket and dropped a further $50,000 to buy groceries for the whole store and even bought a car for one of his fans!

Nice work, Drake – putting your money up to help others – we hope some others take notice and follow suit!




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