Donald Trump Is President – WTF Happened?


As America wakes up to find out that Donald Trump is the new president of the United States, word spreads that the Canadian immigration website has crashed.

Disbelief is spreading around the world as to how he managed to get elected – I mean, he didn’t even seem to trust his own wife to vote for him!


So, who did vote for Donald Trump?

You have no doubt already seen the celebrations among his supporters as well as the waves of despair coming from women, ethnic minorities, the LGBT community, Muslim Americans and many more. However, it is young people as a whole who can feel let down by the rest of the voting public, as this map of how things would look if only millennials voted shows:



So, America has voted for the man the Simpsons mockingly called out as president back in 2000, and the rest of the world is amazed. The UK is certainly laughing at what could be the worst decision since ‘Brexit’ as the United States takes their place as laughing stock of the world!

Trump couldn’t even be trusted to run his own Twitter account – and now he is running the U.S.? Seriously?

But of course, he ‘tells it like it is’ and isn’t a politician, right?


However, he also thinks global warming is a Chinese conspiracy, that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed in the US, 35 is “check out time” for women (who he rates based on their looks), there should be a wall between Mexico and the U.S. (which Mexico should pay for!), Syrian asylum seekers seeking refuge from war should be sent back (to what?), U.S. unemployment statistics are wrong, ‘Black Lives Matter’ is “trouble,” doctors should be punished for administering abortions, and mental health treatment will stop mass shootings more effectively than gun control!

Still, what’s done is done, and now it is up to America to make the best of the situation. Maybe the Trump supporters are right and he will turn the nation around using his (ahem) ‘great business skills?’

But we’re not holding our breath!


So, has racism and bigotry won? Today it seems to have, but now is not the time to divide, instead we all need to be stronger and more united than ever.

That said, it can wait until tomorrow… I’m going back to bed!


(Trump has still got weird little hands though) 😉

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