Donald Trump: Call Him ‘Mr. Brexit!?’


Donald Trump has started off the day with another eye-brow raising tweet! The presidential nominee tried to link himself to British voters who decided to leave the European Union, tweeting:



Trump has been a keen supporter of the British decision to leave the E.U. – saying that Britain “took their country back.”


Never mind the fact that ‘Brexit’ is yet to actually happen, many in Britain who voted to leave later changed their minds, and that many experts predict terrible economic consequences once Britain officially leaves the European Union?


That said, the half-thought-through, racially-motivated, expert-avoiding plan could be the perfect new name for Trump…


“Call him Mr. Brexit, call him Mr. Wrong, call him Mr. Vain…

Call him Mr. Brexit, call him Mr. Wrong, call him insane.”






Photo Credit: Funny Or Die

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