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Ever Heard Of Dog Day? When People In Guizhou, China Treat Dogs Like Royalty…

Let’s get this out of the way first, people in China don’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to how they treat dogs. You may have heard of the dog-eating festivals, but how about a day when dogs are treated like royalty?

Villagers in Jiaobang in the Guizhou province of China celebrate an annual tradition where they dress a dog up in special-made human-style clothes and a hat before carrying it around on a throne!

The Dog Carrying Festival, is based on a legend about a dog who led the first settlers to water when they were dying of thirst.The dog was believed to be ‘heaven sent’ – leading to the event called  โ€œtaigoujie,โ€ or the dog-lifting festival.

Each year a Shaman leads a procession including singing and drumming as the dog is ceremoniously carried around.

While some may think this is cruel, there are plenty of people dressing up their dogs and carrying them around in bags and purses in the USA…

We reckon the dogs probably enjoy it!


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