Do You Really Care? Justin Bieber Returns To Instagram After ‘Deleting’ His Account Two Weeks Ago


OK, so we know you are thinking, why should we care that Justin Bieber (who is becoming more and more corny with every passing day), has reactivated his Instagram account?  Believe it or not, there are people/fans who actually missed him.  After two weeks of ‘deleting’ (I mean was it ever really deleted?) his Instagram account after being trolled over his new teenage girlfriend, Sofia Richie, Justin has decided to grace us with his presence once again, the decision came shortly after the VMAs.

Bieber became a star via social media (YouTube), and if he would like to remain one, we suggest he stays present on all viable social media platforms.

Meanwhile, someone who’s still staying quiet on social media is Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez, 24. In case you forgot, Sel got herself involved in the “Sorry” singer’s Instagram drama earlier this month by leaving a comment on his photo threatening to make the account private — she told him not to punish his fans by deleting the account, and to stop posting pictures with his girlfriend instead.

When Justin responded and slammed the 24-year-old for “using him” for attention, she fired back with claims that he’d cheated on her “multiple times” while they were together. It was enough to push Justin over the edge, and just hours after the back and forth, he got rid of his Instagram. The next day, Selena admitted that her comment was “selfish and pointless” in a Snapchat post, but she hasn’t posted on any form of social media since. Interestingly, Justin is still following her on Instagram. Source

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