Divorce Attorneys Reveal The 8 Biggest Reasons Relationships Fail

When it comes to the reasons why relationships fail few people can have a better insight than divorce attorneys. Every day these legal eagles are faced with couples who are splitting up for a variety of different reasons. However, it seems that there are a few common factors in many break-ups. So, whether you want to avoid making the same mistakes in your relationships or hope to learn for the future, here are the 8 biggest reasons why relationships fail – according to divorce attorneys!

1.Not Pulling Your Weight At Home

When it comes to running a home and looking after the kids it is often left to the woman to do much of the work. Of course, this is a throwback to times when women stayed home while the men went out to work, but with more women working than ever before it should be up to both partners to chip in with the chores. San Diego divorce attorney Puja A. Sachdev explained,

“Whenever someone feels their spouse is not pulling their weight, resentment will build.”

This resentment only gets worse when there are children involved and often the only way out that these over-worked spouses can see is divorce. Sad to say, this is a problem that mainly affects women so, come on guys, pull your weight or lose your wife!

2. Lack Of Communication

A lack of communication can put a wedge between any couple, especially when problems go unaddressed. Rather than having a sensible, grown up conversation about something, many couples instead ignore the situation and hope it will just get better. However, over time, as more unspoken problems build up the relationship becomes undermined. As divorce coach and attorney Karen Covy of Chicago explained:

“At some point, they explode over something that seems stupid and silly. Ultimately, they’re arguing about the ongoing, unspoken problems they have.”

Being able to address your issues together and find solutions will not only prevent the resentment from building, but will also strengthen your relationship. Ignoring things will only make matters worse!

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