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Director Admits Game Of Thrones Is ‘Straining Plausibility’

Fans have been getting antsy about the latest season of Game of Thrones. Season seven is coming to a close, but not without upsetting fans who believe that the pacing of the show’s action has been all out of whack.

There have been complaints about how quickly some of the action is moving, including questions about how a crow could have flown thousands of miles to deliver a message in a matter of hours. However, show director, Alan Taylor has revealed that the team behind the series are focusing on the “emotional experience” over the specifics.

He added that they had tried to create:

“Plausible impossibilities, which is what you try to achieve, rather than impossible plausibilities. So, I think we were straining plausibility a little bit, but I hope the story’s momentum carries over some of that stuff.”

Taylor also said that he would be more concerned “if the show was struggling” with ratings and reception.

“Come on, guys, how plausible am I?”

If you ask us, some of these Game of Thrones fans need to relax. How can you get mad about things not being “plausible” when you have dragons and white walkers all over the place?

Don’t get too hung up on how ‘realistic’ it is and just enjoy it!




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