Did A Drink-Throwing Christina Milian Incite A Fight With A Bouncer?

Word has it that things got heated for Christina Milian after she went out to watch Bruno Mars in concert the other night. The party moved on to the bar at the Figueroa Hotel in Los Angeles, when things took a turn for the worse.

Christina and her friends, including Nicole Williams, were stopped from entering the hotel by a bouncer. After some discussion, the bouncer let Milian’s friends inside but refused entry to the singer and one of her friends.

A few minutes later, sources say, Christina and her friend snuck in when one of her other friends let them in through a gate.

Things got heated once they were inside as the bouncer confronted them, causing Christina to react by throwing her drink at him. Sources say that the bouncer tried to hit Christina, but two men stepped in to defend her and a fight broke out.

However, Christina’s people have a different version of events, saying she didn’t throw a drink at all, and that the bouncer hit one of her friends. They also insist that the hotel manager let them in and that they didn’t sneak in.

Christina and her friends decided to leave the uncomfortable situation and called an Uber, apparently then being followed down the street by the bouncer!

So, which version of events do you think is real?

While it’s more dramatic, we sort of like the idea of Christina sneaking in, dousing the aggressive bouncer with her drink and then being defended by two guys!

What do you think?

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