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Detroiters use paintball guns as alternative to gun violence – but police want it to stop

Groups of men in various cities across the U.S. have joined the movement in a bid to stop gun violence in their communities. 

The movement was started in Detroit, as this video explains:

Now, let’s keep it 100 here, anything that helps prevent gun violence is a good thing, and if these guys feel that they need to live out some kind of paintball war to stop them using real gunsd on each other, then that’s not such a bad thing – or is it?

It seems that police are concerned, with Detroit Police Chief James Craig saying that the movement has got out of control and that it could backfire should police officers mistake a paintball gun for a real one.

For us, we’re glad that the violence has decreased by being transferred to paintballing, but there is something tht makes us wonder why these guys feel they need to even do that…

What do you think?

What do you think?

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