Design Your Perfect Baby? Sperm Bank Offers Tinder-Style Ordering System So You Can Choose Your Donor!


How do you like the idea of setting up a wish-list for your perfect baby-daddy?

The London Sperm Bank has set up a Tinder-style ordering system so that you can choose your perfect donor, including being able to choose things like ethnicity, occupation, personality type, and eye color!

While the search results are completely anonymous this seems to hint that you can finally ‘design’ your perfect baby. The system even lets you create a wish list and get alerts when a matching donor is found!

The service costs £950 ($1,200), but does include a courier service to wherever you are having your fertility treatments, while each donor is fully vetted to ensure the quality of the ‘product’ they supply!

While this may sound a little bit creepy, we suppose it isn’t much different from going out and finding the right partner to have a baby with – except it takes less time and probably costs more money!

What do you think, will the idea catch on?




Photo Credit: Pixabay

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