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The Death Of Compassion? What’s Going On In America Today?

Today has seen the release of a New York Times article called ‘The Death Of Compassion’ – which has caused more than a stir on social media.

While there are those who would disagree with the article, others are clearly in favor of what is being said.

However, social media has become a battleground of views, with neither side looking to give way….

As you might expect, we don’t agree with everything that is being said here (although we do with some!), but what is clear is that there is a real division in America today.

However, there is also another, deeper problem, and it is all about blame. Everyone seems to be looking to blame someone else – whether that is ‘liberals,’ ‘immigrants’ or anyone else you care to mention.

But, while we’re here, let’s get it straight.

U.S. veterans being out on the street is not a good thing, but equally nor is it good to turn your back on refugees who need help to escape war-torn nations.

Note that we said ‘refugees’ – not ‘terrorists’ or ‘illegals.’

If you need some help understanding, here’s a definition:

“a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.”

Surely you can’t argue that those who are genuinely seeking refuge shouldn’t get our help? And it’s not about choosing one ’cause’ over another – it is about seeing the whole picture…

But it is not just a matter of nationality, as there are also massive divisions along racial and religious lines too.

So, has there been a death of compassion in the nation?

Sadly it seems that there has, but that doesn’t mean compassion doesn’t still exist in America – although we wonder why so many are looking at hate as a means to justify their own views?

We can do better…

Black, white, rich, poor – we are all here as an accident of birth. You didn’t choose where you were born, who your parents were, or the culture you grew up in.

Perhaps it’s time to stop looking at the differences and start trying to find some similarities?

What do you think?

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