Dear Walmart, Why Are You Selling Pre-Packaged Tilapia W/ Carbon Monoxide? We Might As Well Sit In The Garage With The Door Closed & Car Running


Walmart is a billion-dollar company that has become a true monopoly in pretty much every sector, from home goods to food.  You can virtually find it all at Walmart, for a pretty good price.  This is if you can get past some of the nonchalant cashiers, who not only use their gloves to take your money, deal with your food, but also play in their hair all at the same time. Some of the unruliest consumers who act as if they never seen a deal before.  Now there is the BIGGER issue, their pre-packaged Tilapia, where the main ingredients CLEARLY say on the bag – Tilapia and Carbon Monoxide (Yes, carbon monoxide, which is a colorless odorless very toxic gas CO that is formed as a product of the incomplete combustion of carbon or a carbon compound).


Many people are trying to avoid carbon monoxide at all cost!  Hel-lo?! This is why we do not sit in the garage with the door down while the car is running, so the fumes from the exhaust can kill us, or barbecue inside the house with charcoal and lighter fluid!  Because we are afraid of what carbon monoxide could potentially do.  As a matter of fact, most people buy carbon monoxide detectors from your entity, so you are going to help save and kill us both at the same time? Unbelievable.

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No smiley face yellow sticker is going to cut it, you owe your customers answers because we know that Whole Foods would never sell to their customers a fish that is dipped in carbon monoxide, no matter how minuscule the level of monoxide is.  The fact that you are bold enough to print this on the label and sell this to people, takes a lot of nerve.  Whether it is for preservation reasons or to retain the color of the fish, it has no business being in any food that you are selling. Period.

There is really no way to even justify this, why not just raise the price of the fish, to give a better quality or do not sell it at all.  We are sure that there is no Walton (The family that owns Walmart, started by Sam Walton) around who has ever eaten a piece of Tilapia laced with carbon monoxide, so why should we?  So, to our readers, the next time you eat a piece of their frozen Tilapia, remember, you are literally choosing your poison.  You might as well sit in the house with the gas stove turned on, but no fire is coming out of it.  This makes us wonder what else are we eating from there, that is a concern. SMH.


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