Dame Dash ‘pulls up’ on ‘Empire’ co-creator, Lee Daniels; wants his 2 Million Dollars he loaned him

Damon ‘Dame’ Dash former partner to JAY-Z in Roc-A-Fella business ventures just ‘sonned’ (in our NY voice) popular ‘Empire’ co-creator, Lee Daniels. Daniels reportedly took a two-million dollar seed investment/loan from Dash while he was coming up as a director. Before his ‘Precious’ and ‘Monsters Ball’ success.

Daniels seems to be admitting that he owes Dash in this video which was posted on Damon Dash’s Instagram page for the world to see.

Maybe ‘Precious’ star and comedian, Monique, who has always spoken publicly about how ‘shady’ Lee Daniels business practices were, was right ALL along. Welp. Vindication comes in due time.

Pay the man his money, Mr. Daniels.

You be the judge by watching below…

Photo credit: Financial Juneteenth

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