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Crazy talk! Former drummer claims Beyonce used ‘dark magic’ to sexually molest her!

Beyonce’s former drummer, Kimberly Thompson has claimed that the singer used ‘dark magic’ and ‘extreme witchcraft’ to sexually molest her.

Thompson has filed a restraining order against Bey, having worked as her drummer for seven years.

The drummer claimed that Beyonce has been using ‘Extreme witchcraft, dark magic,’ and ‘magic spells of sexual molestation’ against her.

But that’s not all, as Thompson says that the Houston R&B star has also been tapping her phone, controlling her finances and even murdered her kitten.

It is not clear why Beyonce may be doing all of this to Thompson and, to be honest, it all sounds more than a little bit far-fetched to us!

What do you reckon?

Could Beyonce really be a kitten-killing, magic using, sexual predator?

What do you think?

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