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Crazy Conspiracy: Has Avril Lavigne Been Replaced By A Look-A-Like?

The short answer is โ€“ probably not, but social media went crazy with a conspiracy theory that claims Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne is dead and has been replaced by a look-alike. This conspiracy theory has done the rounds in the past, but seemed irresistible for Twitter users who were quick to jump on the idea:

The reasoning behind the outlandish theory is that Avril was just 18 when she rose to fame and found the media spotlight hard to deal with. The story goes that Avril decided to hire a look-alike called Melissa Vandella to walk around L.A. and pretend to be her:

However, the theory gets crazier, as Avril apparently became firm friends with Melissa and even invited her to the studio where she taught the look-a-like to sing like her too!

Theory has it that Avril committed suicide following the death of her grandfather in 2003, but her record company decided to cover up the news and have Melissa step in and replace Avril. The conspiracy theorists say that Avril and Melissa have different birthmarks and that Avril / Melissa became โ€œnervousโ€ when asked about the theory in an interview.

However, the truth is likely to be far more mundane, with Avril having battled Lymeโ€™s disease since 2015 as well as having tackeld a divorce from Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. These tow facts seem more likely reasons for Avril disappearing from the public eye for a whileโ€ฆ

As for Avril, sources say she thinks the theory is โ€œbizarreโ€ if not โ€œmildly amusing.โ€




Photo Credit: Moshery

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