Could Chilli Peppers Help In The Fight Against Cancer?

Experts say that chilli peppers could help in the battle against cancer. Research conducted at Ruhr University in Germany have found that the ingredient that makes chilli peppers hot, capsaicin, could make cancer cells self-destruct!

Lead on the study, Dr. Lea Weber, explained:

“Capsaicin is capable of inducing cell death and inhibiting cancer cell growth in many different types of cancer, for example, osteosarcoma, colon, and pancreatic cancer cells, while normal cells remained unharmed.”

To be precise, the capsaicin triggers a cell receptor called TRPV1 which controls the substances that cancerous cells can feed on. Eventually the cancerous cells self-destruct and the tumor is stopped from growing any further.

However, eating loads of chilli peppers isn’t the answer!

The active ingredient they contain needs to be combined with other drugs into a tablet so that it can target cancer cells.

While a cure for cancer is not yet found, steps like these are certainly in the right direction!



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