A Cornball Move or Nah? Justin Bieber Calls Out Taylor Swift Weeks Later On Behalf Of Kanye


Justin probably needs to worry more about his waning music career than calling out Taylor Swift (Kanye, too!).  Hey, we are not big on Taylor Swift over here either, but we know Taylor’s dollars are still rolling in from her music, The Biebs, well, not so much.

Here’s what happened when Justin was caught FaceTiming Kanye West, their collective manager, Scooter Braun and a friend, as he calls out Taylor Swift by saying ‘Taylor Swift what up.’  This all likely stems from the ongoing feud between West and Swift, which resulted in Kim Kardashian pulling out ‘receipts’ on an allegedly lie Swift told about not knowing that Kanye would rap about her in ‘Famous.’

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Ah, well… Justin Bieber is so 2012 (Sorry Beliebers!).

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