We want this to be the place where all coolness and ‘litness’ happens.  Anyone is welcome to sign up for an account and share their creativity.  There will be people who will stand out, and we will make sure that we reward you by making your posts/submissions priority if you are always bringing something great and creative to the table.

No Trolling others

Hey, we are here to have fun and show our creativity, no need to bash the next person because they do not fit the mold of what you think they should.  Everyone has individuality, so do not bait others.  Respectively, we ask that you do not feed into those who are trying to be trolls – do not feed them, and they will go ‘hungry.’

No ripping off other people’s content and saying it is yours

That just is not cool to do – there is a difference between blatantly ripping off someone else’s work and curation.  Always credit the source and if you can, make it yours with a new spin.

Attribution is a MUST

Please make sure that you give attribution to every single piece of work that you submit (Including photos – royalty free is often the best way to go, but please give attribution to the author or owner).  If it is your own work, please make it known.

No personal attacks

We are here to be as drama free as possible.  Personal opinions are fine, but we are not here to attack groups or people intentionally for the sole purpose of our gratification.

We will say it again – NO porn, NO self-promotion, and NO spam

We can smell this a mile away, so please do not do it.  We will not accept it, so why waste your time and ours?

Submissions will not be returned

Once you have submitted content to us, it will not be returned, and you agree that this content is free to use without warranty.

Spelling, grammar, punctuation

We do not expect you to be journalists (Unless you really are a journalist!), but please make sure to submit something that is readable and requires the least possible editing. We definitely do not mind coolness where it makes sense, hey, we do not believe in stuffiness unless we are talking about something that requires us to be just that.  Just do your best, is all that we ask:)


You are lit, and we are lit – we are just trying to make an enjoyable, knowledgeable, interesting experience for all! Let’s go all of the ‘LIT’ folks of the world!

One more thing…

Please make sure that you have checked out our:

before you agree to any of this.

Pertaining to Teen & Young Adult Q & A Sessions Hangout:

We wanted to do something great for teens, so please make sure to keep the vibe and community uplifting.

All of the above, where applicable – especially NO TROLLING or PERSONAL ATTACKS – you will be banned!

Make sure to read our terms of service, privacy policy, and disclaimer as listed above


Thank you!

We sincerely appreciate your efforts and want to thank you for making this community great and LIT!  We know that you can be anywhere on the Internet, but here, we do take notice and will spotlight those truly deserving of it!

(Updated: July 20, 2016)