Chris Brown Released On $250,000 Bail After Reported Standoff With Police; Fellow R&B Singer, Ray J Comes To His Defense Via Video


OK, so we may regret this, but we are praying for Chris Brown and feel like there just may be (besides still having a lot of ‘yes’ men around him and having his own personal mental issues) a deeper conspiracy surrounding the R&B singer to see him back in jail for good.

He was arrested last night (August 30th ) on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a woman made a phone call to the authorities from his home during a gathering. There was a standoff with police, and according to information received, Brown had to pay a whopping $250,000 to make bail.

The arrest marked the conclusion of nearly 14-hour-long stand-off with police.

Police say officers first responded to Brown’s Los Angeles home around 3 a.m.

The woman was not identified and police didn’t elaborate on the assistance she needed. However, model Baylee Curran told the Los Angeles Times that Brown pointed a gun at her face.

Brown later posted messages on social media proclaiming his innocence. Source

Fellow R&B singer Ray J was apparently also at the gathering and this is what he had to say in support of his friend:

Our sincere advice to Brown would be to take a moment of self-reflection and to raise his daughter – before he loses custody of her (which the mother, Nia Guzman has been rallying for all along).  He should clean his inner-circle and work on himself.  If he knows there are vultures out there looking for a come up, then he should be cognizant of that, and not put himself in a situation for them to do so.

We hope he comes out on top. Regardless of all of the trouble he seems to get into, he still is an immense talent who seems to be dealing with ‘demons’ – both in the physical and mental. Brown needs to be friends with ‘himself’ for a moment.

Photo credit: Chris Brown’s Instagram

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