Cheating Without Sex? The Dangers Of An ‘Emotional Affair’

When you hear the word ‘affair’ or think of someone cheating, chances are your thoughts will go immediately to the bedroom.

It is the physical aspect of cheating that many of us are understandably concerned about, but experts say that ‘emotional affairs’ are more common and probably more dangerous to your relationship, as well as being more difficult to spot.

What’s more, emotional cheating seems to be on the rise. So, what is it, and how can you lower the chances of it happening?

LitViral investigates…

What Is An ‘Emotional Affair?’

An emotional affair doesn’t need physical contact to cause a split in your relationship. They are when someone has platonic or friendly feelings to someone that then grow into romantic or sexual thoughts while in a relationship with someone else.

The problem is that these feelings can be hidden by the cover of a normal friendship, but in these cases, they cross the line of friendship and start becoming inappropriate.

Research shows that 45% of men and 35% of women admit to having had some type of emotional affair – which is over 20% higher than those who admit to having had a full-blown physical affair.

Hiding In Plain Sight!

‘Emotional Affairs’ are so common because they can be covered as being a regular, albeit close, friendship. Not only that, but a lot of people don’t even view them as cheating and not everyone is able to recognize when the line has been crossed.

This means that an ‘emotional affair’ is easier to stray into as well as easier to keep hidden!

Keep going to find out the common causes of an ‘Emotional Affair’  – they may surprise you…

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