Cardi B Ups Her Security Over L.A. Gang Threats

Rapper, Cardi B has been forced to increase her security when she visits L.A. for some performances over NBA All Star Weekend.

The Bronx native upset L.A. gang members with an ill-advised social media post.

Cardi posted a picture of herself wearingablue fur coat along with the caption:

“I hate wearing Flue but this coat poppin.”

‘Flue’ is a word used by the Bloods street gang to avoid being associated with the rival Crips gang. Seeming to ally herself with the Bloods through her comment, Cardi began to recieve threats from West Coast Crips, including saying her post was “West Coast Suicide,” while others simply warned, “Do not come to LA.”

Cardi later deleted the comment from her post.

While we don’t know how affiliated with the gangs Cardi B actually is, she needs to know gang culture isn’t something to play with!



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