Cardi B & Offset Get Back Together – But Is It Going To Work Out?

Cardi B is back with her husband, Migos rapper, Offset after seemingly forgiving him for cheating on her.

Word has it that Cardi is heading back to the Atlanta home they shared together before she left him back in December.

Just last week Cardi dropped a hint by posting a message saying:

“I wanna go home”

However, before she made the move, Offset had to change his phone number to show he is serious about ditching the groupies. Sources say that the number is only for Cardi and business calls, while Offset is not allowed any female fans near him when he makes his Super Bowl appearances in Atlanta.

While Offset apparently wants to show Cardi that he is serious about his marriage and it is good to see a family getting back together, we have to wonder about the trust issues that exist between the hip-hop couple…

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