Cardi B Makes Grammys History – But Ariana Grande Was Vexed!

Cardi B made Grammys history by becoming the first female solo artist to win the ‘Best Rap Album’ category.

Those who checked their history will know that Cardi is not the first woman to win the award, as Lauryn Hill won the best Rap grammy as one-third of The Fugees for ‘The Score’ back in ’97 – but Cardi is the first female to win as a solo artist.

Cardi, who was joined onstage by Offset to collect the award, was understandably pleased with her win – but there was one popular name who seemed less than thrilled.

Ariana Grande took to Twitter with three separate messages in the wake of Cardi’s win:



“literal bullsh*t”

However, Ariana quickly clarified that she wasn’t taking shots at Cardi, but was just mad at the Grammys for not recognizing her late boyfriend, Mac Miller

“nothing to do w her. good for her. i promise. i’m sorry.”

 Adding of Miller:

“he slept in the studio for two months.” 

Oh, and Ariana, it’s not “literal bullsh*t” – to literally be bullsh*t it would have to be actual bullsh*t (as in, from a bull!).

Just saying…

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