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Cardi B Addresses Beyoncé Collabo Rumors

Last week saw the Internet light up with rumors that Cardi B is set to collaborate on some music with Beyoncé.

The gossip started after Cardi’s engineer posted a shot of a music file with the names of both artists at the top, along with the caption, “Wow this feature is big.”

However, 24-year-old Bronx native, Cardi B has shut down the talk, saying::

“I don’t even know where did that rumor… people are crazy.”

She added:

“People start rumors and do things…[I] don’t know. I’d be happy too! I wish that [could] happen. I wish. I’ll put that into existence.”

So, while that rumored collaboration isn’t happening, it hasn’t been ruled out – what do you think? Would Beyoncé and Cardi B work well together?




Photo Credit: XL Mag


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