Cali Love: Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ Gets A Boom-Bap Remix By DJ Lord Ron

Preserving the Culture …

Popular Los Angeles, California DJ, Lord Ron explains his thought process behind the ‘Humble’ Remix of fellow Californian and superstar rapper, Kendrick Lamar:

“When Kendrick Lamar dropped his music video to ‘Humble.’ I didn’t view the music video until weeks later. While viewing the video, I saw an acapella version coming up next (YouTube).

A light went on in my head. I told a homie I want the acapella, who is a tech junkie. He sent me the joint and I went to work on it three weeks later. The original song version is dope with a club bounce feel to it. I wanted to take it to a darker side with a hardcore street feel to it.

Big ups to Mass Konfusion & Binky Womack on engineering the session. This is strictly for Promotional Use Only and for the Culture of Hip Hop.” – DJ Lord Ron


Here’s the original Kendrick Lamar ‘Humble’ for those who need a reminder …


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