Burger King drop ‘Chocolate Whopper’ April Fool’s joke and now people want to try it for real!

You know by now that April the first is April Fool’s Day – which means that companies and organizations all around the world like to try and catch the public out with fake news, ads, and more.

However, they sometimes back-fire a little as with Burger King’s ‘Chocolate Whopper’ ad…

With a chocolate patty, raspberry syrup instead of ketchup, white chocolate rings for onions, candied oranges cut into tomatoes and extra chocolate shavings it looks like diabetes in a bun – but that hasn’t stopped some people from saying they’d actually like to try it!

Some even tried to get one…

However, not everyone seemed to like the idea…

So, the question is – would you try a ‘Chocolate Whopper’ for real?

What do you think?

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