Britney Spears Isn’t Playing Anymore! Threatens To Sue Over “False” Story


Britney Spears isn’t playing around with the media anymore as she threatened to sue gossip magazine ‘In Touch’ if they dare to publish a story about her at last month’s MTV Video Music Awards.

The magazine is said to be sat on a story about Britney “acting erratic” at the awards and “talking and laughing to herself and using a British accent.”

However, Britney has hit back via her lawyers who called the story:

“Utterly false, highly defamatory and completely offensive to Ms. Spears.”

A source close to the singer say that she has got sick off all the “made up” stories about her – especially since she has worked so hard to turn her life around – and that this lawsuit could be the first of many!

Good for you, Britney!

We remember her darkest days and can only praise her for how she overcame them and has bounced back seemingly stronger than ever. Rather than trying to bring her down again, perhaps the press could do more to celebrate her great success?




Photo Credit: Inquisitr

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