Break-up Hacks: Quick Advice To Recover When Your Relationship Ends

Dealing with a painful break-up is tough. You can feel like your whole world has collapsed, but you need to get recovering and on with life at this challenging time.

However, you can take heart as there is help on how to deal with a split. Following a few simple tips can help you move through the healing process much more quickly – and without doing anything that you’ll regret once the dust settles.


The first thing you need to do is to stop and think.  Give yourself a week or two and just go easy on yourself. Don’t worry too much if your bathroom needs to be cleaned or if your hair needs to be cut, just take things slow and allow yourself to process everything that has happened.  Continue to do things to keep your life on track, such as going to work or paying your bills on time, but anything that won’t create a problem if you ignore it for a little while… ignore it.

Just make sure that this period of ‘mourning’ is a limited time offer.  Only allow yourself a week or two and then kick yourself (or have a friend do it) in the behind and get going. No one is saying that after a few weeks you should be over it,  you won’t be, but a few weeks is enough time to process everything and then it’s time to get going and start living your life to the fullest again while you continue to heal.

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