Why Blogging Is Like Online Graffiti

Here’s a confession and something that not many people know – I used to be a graffiti artist.

This was in the days before stencils and ‘Banksy,’ but after the early ‘80s boom and subsequent art-gallery love for graf.

In short, there was no money to be made, very little media fame, and certainly lots of danger.

It was all about camaraderie with your crew, excitement, art, and of course, street fame – but I learnt a lot from those times, which I have taken with me into my life. These lessons include loyalty, a willingness to take risks, and the satisfaction for a job well done.

As graffiti artists, we liked to be known as ‘writers’ and those years of tagging and spraying can still be seen in my hand-writing today. But deeper than hand-writing, my days as an urban aerosol artist have had a surprising connection with my career as a journalist, writer, and blogger…

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