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Black Girls? This New Study Will Make You Shake Your Head In Despair

A new study has revealed the shocking levels of prejudice that still exist in the United States today.

Georgetown’s Law Center On Poverty And Equality looked at how black girls are seen in society when compared to views of white girls in their ‘Childhood Interrupted’ study, and the results were enough to make you shake your head in despair…

The study found that black girls are seen as “less innocent” than their white peers, as well as being more ‘adult-like.’ This difference in opinion is especially obvious with girls aged 5-14.

The study found that adults believed black girls needed less nurturing, care and protection, as well as needing to be comforted less than white girls. Black girls were also seen as being more independent and more sexually aware than white girls.

These results may be shocking, but they also unfortunately bear out what many of us already know from experience. Black girls are treated harsher in school and by authorities, possibly because adults see them as more grown-up and troublesome. There are clear parallels with how black boys are viewed too…

Also, is it any surprise that black girls are ‘less innocent’ and more ‘adult-like’ when they are also seen as needing less care and nurturing?

Surely, we can do better than this?




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