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Are black girls ‘mean?’

A little social media storm has whipped up over comments made by Sherri Shepherd about her 13-year-old son. While speaking on The Breakfast Club this week, Sherri revealed that her son, Jeffrey, doesn’t like black girls…

Jeffrey, who is himself black, goes to a predominately white school and says that he has not really had good experiences with the black girls that he interacts with, saying they are ‘mean,’ and, as a result, that he prefers white girls.

Sherri revealed:

“I am going through this thing; he likes these girls. Because he came in and he said, ‘Mommy, I like White girls.’ …I learn a lot about men from my son. The little Black girls get mean with him. Sometimes they don’t want to speak [and] sometimes they act crazy. And he’s like, ‘Why they act so crazy?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know.’ So I keep trying to tell the little girls to be nicer so he can come towards you. But the other girls see him and they go, ‘Hey, Jeffrey’ and they wanna feel his hair…”

Sherri was obviously concerned about the views her son was expressing and asked for advice from the show hosts.

Charlemagne told her to try to bring some strong male role models into her son’s life, as they may be able to help with his perception of women, while Angela Yee suggested Sherri get her son to hang out with more teens who look like him.

As you might imagine, Sherri’s comments raised some words on Twitter – with a few people showing anger:


However, there were others who were more understanding:

What do you think – are black girls mean?

Was Sherri right to put her son out there like that?

Is she to blame for her son’s views?

Should people stop worrying about the lives of others and cut Sherri and her son some slack?

Should we even care?

What do you think?

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