Blac Chyna Refusing To Return Jewelry To Ex, Rob Kardashian

The ongoing saga between Blac Chyna and her ex-fiance, Rob Kardashian continues. In case you haven’t been keeping up, the couple split last December after months of being on and off. The former flames, who share a daughter called Dream, had tried to stay on good terms but Rob lost the plot when Chyna sent him a video of herself with another man (why did she do that?).

Rob responded by airing out their personal business on social media – including leaking some nude pics of his ex. He also said that he had spent several thousand dollars on jewelry for Chyna mere days before they split, and now says he wants the bling returned.

Sources say that Rob sent a jeweler to Blac Chyna’s house so she could pick out a piece as a gift from him. The jeweler ended up leaving seven items for her to choose from but, following the Rob’s outburst, Chyna only returned three of the seven pieces, keeping a reported $125,000 worht of jewels for herself!

However, the plot thickens as Chyna tried to charge some of the cost of the jewelry to Rob’s card, but the payment was denied. The jeweler then tried to get the bling back from Chyna, but she refused to hand it over. Chyna says that, since the jewelry was a gift, she has no obligation to return it.

What do you think?

On the one hand, we agree that if someone gives you a gift, they can’t really then try to take it back. Plus, it definitely sounds like Rob still had feelings for Chyna – like, who buys thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry for their ex?

However, if Rob only intended to buy one item of jewelry for Chyna, then it could be said that she has crossed a line in taking more, especially when she knew she had no interest in him.




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