Bill Clinton Leans Over To Kiss Hillary But Gets Totally Dissed (Can’t Say The Same For Obama!)


Remember when former President, Bill Clinton used to be the man?  Wow, what a difference a day makes.  When Hillary is cooler than Bill, there is a problem.  We all know their marriage is likely one of convenience these days – we know they sleep in separate beds like Lucy and Ricky used to do in ‘I love Lucy,’ hell, they may even sleep in separate rooms at this point.  They probably have not been in love (yes, they may love each other but not be in love), since the late 70’s!  Watch how smooth President Obama is when he leans over to kiss Hillary, while Bill gets totally dissed.  Ouch.

BTW, we know that everyone gets old – if you are lucky, but Bill just does not seem to be aging well at all.


This is Bill Clinton in 1990’s – cool and dapper



This is Bill Clinton now – looks like he has one foot in the grave, and someone sucked the life out of him:



Photo credit: Getty/The Arsenio Hall Show

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