Bikers Prevent Bullying By Escorting Boy With Down Syndrome To School!




The first day at high school can be nerve-wracking – finding your way around and meeting new people can be tough and there is also the problem of bullying to watch out for. Sadly, bullying is even more of a problem for those with special needs – such as Sean Maehrer a student from Pennsylvania with Down Syndrome.


In fact, such was his mother’s concern that she reached out on Facebook for help, along with other family and friends. The call for help was picked up by local bikers who organized themselves to pull up outside Sean’s house on the first day of school to provide him with an escort.




The motorcycle club are known for supporting troops and veterans, but their kind-hearted nature was offset by the sight of their leather jackets, tattoos and muscular physiques – which should certainly warn off any potential bullies!


The bikers made sure that everyone at the school saw that Sean had their full support and backing – even giving him his own customized motorcycle helmet!


The kind gesture brought Sean’s mom to tears, but the biker’s support for Sean didn’t just end after his first day at high school. Sean’s new biker friends even turn out to cheer him on when he plays soccer!


It seems that sometimes appearances can be deceptive – as Sean’s tough-looking new biker friends showed a real caring side in protecting and supporting him.



Photo Credit: Facebook

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